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IdentifyLA Interviews COO, Cyndi M. Frick and Recommends Paris Honoré Luxury Organic Skin Care

EXCERPTS FROM THE ARTICLE: "In a world full of products its difficult to pick a line of skin and beauty products that are good for you and fit into your lifestyle. Thanks to Paris Honoré, a luxury organic skin care line, finding a natural product that defines function and results is at your fingertips.  The brand offers top-tier products that will do wonders for your skin. I immediately was on board when I heard that the brand had a distinct focus on luxury organic skin care and uses only the finest natural and organic ingredients." ... ... "As Frick exclaims,...

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The Advice Sisters' Alison Blackman Says that PARIS HONORÉ's Luxury Organic Skincare Is Worth It!

"I try a lot of skincare for The Advice Sisters, and this was one of the nicest I’ve tried in years. It’s not inexpensive, but the travel product is stellar, and it’s unisex, and organic with antimicrobial, antifungal, and biodegradable properties." ...

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Beauty News NYC Recommends PARIS HONORÉ's FACE CLEANSER and Organic FACE CRÈME

In their August 2016 Beautyscopes article, Beauty News NYC recommended PARIS HONORÉ's FACE CLEANSER and Organic FACE CRÈME for PISCES: "Pisces, the summer heat makes your skin break out at times, so treat it gently with Paris Honore Champs de Lavande Face Cleanser and Organic Face Crème. You love to travel, Pisces, and this facial cleanser, infused with green tea and lavender, will have you longing for Provence. At the same time, your skin will be calmed, youthful and moisturized. After cleansing, your skin is the perfect canvas for the Organic Face Crème, formulated with aloe and a blend of rejuvenating...

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Organic Authority Fit & Fabulous Goodie Box helps to launch PARIS HONORÉ's NEW Organic BODY & HAND CRÈME

To help with the product launch of our NEW organic BODY & HAND CRÈME, PARIS HONORÉ is excited to be participating in the Organic Authority Fit & Fabulous Goodie Box....  "And you thought summer couldn’t get any better! Well, we’re about to rock your season with Organic Authority’s Fit & Fabulous Summer Goodie Box! This stunning hand-picked collection of fabulous summer finds will keep you looking and feeling amazing through the season and well beyond. This very special Fit & Fab Goodie Box edition is loaded with goodness for keeping your skin gorgeous during the sweaty depths of summer; lots of healthy energy to make the...

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AlphaLuxe reviews the PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME and loves it! An effective moisturizer that actually works and hydrates your skin.

Excerpt from the article: ... "When applied as a night time moisturizer, in the morning the next day when I wake up, my face still feels the same and my pores don’t feel clogged at all.  As someone who’s always had oily skin, I’m bewildered as to why my face doesn’t feel greasy after I wake up in the morning.  Have I stumbled upon a magic moisturizer? After using this PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME for a month, my aesthetician even noticed and commented that my skin got better and healed from within.  My complexion improved, my skin feels and looks...

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