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LA Influencer Teri Miyahira says the PH Simply Body & Hand Creme is the "BEST Hand Cream" She's Ever Used!

LA Influencer Teri Miyahira raves that the PH Simply Body & Hand Creme is "literally THE BEST Hand creme I have ever used!"    After receiving this product, she told us, “I am OBSESSED with the Hand Crème! I am consciously trying not to use it all up so quickly!  My hands crack and bleed from severe dryness, and it is the best cream I’ve ever used!” In her Green Go To's Monthly Favorites YouTube Video for February of 2017, Teri also expresses her love for the PH Simply Nettoyant 4-hour hand & skin sanitizer.  It is the first cosmetic...

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Professional Beauty Magazine is excited about PARIS HONORÉ as a new brand!

In Professional Beauty's Article about the Indie Beauty Expo 2017 in LA, they give an overview of the Expo and some of the brands and trends.  We at PH are honored to have been mentioned as one of the new brands they are excited about! Excerpt from the article: Are there any newcomers to IBE this year that you’re excited about? 50% of the brands exhibiting were from California.  Some of the brands launching at IBE LA were Smoothie Beauty, Ayuna- Less is Beauty, Clover and Bee, Ojai Wild, Skinesque, ULIV Skincare (I really like this product), Crave Skincare, Honey Belle, SPELA...

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Why Women Are Paying Over $100 For the PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME...

Excerpt from the Yogi Approved Article: "Taking care of your body’s biggest organ (your skin!) is important. What many people don’t realize is that your skin acts as a giant sponge, absorbing whatever you’re putting on it. That brings us back to the topic of organic. Why it’s important to buy organic skincare products: Avoid health-hazardous chemicals that can seep into your skin Avoid drying and other adverse effects caused by alcohol, parabens, etc. Actually know what’s in the products you’re putting on your skin Live a toxin-free lifestyle Here’s the Scoop on Skin Care products Brands like Paris Honoré are...

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Paris Honoré Hailed as an “Excellent Example of an Eco Lux Brand” by FLORUM FASHION MAGAZINE

Excerpt from Florm Fashion Magazine's Green Beauty Index: "Paris Honoré is an all natural luxury skincare care. Their cleansers and face cremes primary ingredients are Aloe Leaf Juice, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and safflower oil which, when combined, soothes skin, reduces inflammation, and promotes youthful radiance! Paris Honoré believes in harmonizing the purest, organic elements to achieve perfection and results. This brand is an excellent example of an eco lux brand, they have amazing scents like Mimosa or Champs de Lavande." View the Green Beauty Index on the Florum Fashion Magazine website >>

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Glitter Magazine Is in LOVE with the Organic Face Cleanser from Paris Honoré!

"We Love This Organic Skin Care from Paris Honoré We are in love with this organic face cleanser from Paris Honoré Luxury Organic Skin Care. Running at around $111 for a 100 ml full bottle, this cleanser really gets deep in the pores to cleanse. If the price point scares you, do not fear as they also offer a 15 ml bottle for $33 so you can try it out. We promise you that you’ll love this organic cleanser, which you can customize fragrance wise as well. I love how smooth my skin felt after using it. Go ahead and give it...

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